- 2016 -

1) Group: MONROY.

    Title: Synthesis and development of nanoplasmonic sensors.

    Employed: Joao Paulo Coelho.

 - 2015 -

8) Group: POLYBIO.

    Title: Methods of molecular biology for the production of polyhidroxialcanoate functionalized nanoparticles.

    Employed: Aranzazu Mato Aguirre.

7) Group: JMV.

    Title: Cloning, expression and purification of proteins.

   Employed: Marcos Gragera Cabezudo.

6) Group: LUSAMAR.

    Title: Synthesis and separation of pure enantiomeric compounds for chirality amplification.

    Employed: Elisa Greciano Raiskila.

5) Group: LUSAMAR.

    Title: Syntheis of simple molecules with the ability of self-assembly in biological systems.

    Employed: Jorge Santos Valera González.

4) Group: BIOMIL.


    Employed: Alberto Hidalgo Román.

3) Group: JMV.


    Employed: Laura Mojardín Menéndez.

2) Group: JMV.


   Employed: Lucía Quintana Gallardo.

1) Group: MONROY.


    Employed: Lara Hernández Moleiro.