Objective 4

Microfluidic fabrication of vesicles


The lipid vesicles or liposomes are highly used as biocompatible carrier Materials. Their surfaces are formed by a lipid membrane that is able to solubilize amphiphilic substances, but also, diferently from other biocarriers, the inner cavity of the capsule is a suitable aqueous container for the transport of a high density of molecules. The development of new systems of drug transport is strongly dependent on the high polydispersity of the usual preparations, and the important limitation of their encapsulation ability once they are prepared from conventional methodologies. Considering the continuous requirements of the new pharmacologic strategies, the need of smart vesicles, with tunable permeability and sensitive to external stimulus, is a trend topic in chemistry and biology. Therefore, the NanoBISOMA consortium will search new preparative alternatives in the field of microfluidics.