Objective 6

Functionalization of PHA nanoparticles with peptides and proteins


A strategy for the funtionalisation of PHA with of high added value peptides or proteins will be developed in this objective. BioF domain of the phasin PhaF had been developed as a peptide affinity tag for the immobilizationand purification of recombinant proteins attached to the surface of the granule. Hybrid recombinant proteins containing the BioF tag will be produced in bacteria simultaneously to PHA accumulation, allowing their immobilization to the granules, similarly to natural phasins. Once fermentation is completed, PHA granules or nanobeads carrying the recombinant proteins will be separated from the rest of the cellular components by differential centrifugation (Fig.2.).



Figure 2: In vivo Immobilization of fusion proteins to bioplastics by BIoF tag